WBM 2006

Sunghee joined me at Wicked Big Meet 2006 and it was a blast. Over 1000 people and over 700 Subarus decended on Nashoba Valley. Before any of that though, SnowSTI and I started a mini caravan from Dunkin Donuts and met up with the rest at the NH booze store rest area. I then proceded to lose everyone as I didn’t take the EZ-Pass toll line and had to pull over after I got tired of waiting for everyone to catch up. Once there I’m sad to say that I missed the 22B as I didn’t know that there were show cars in that area. Sunghee and I did get to race each other on the rally simulator and my Legacy Wagon destroyed Sunghee’s BMW 330i even though I completely missed a turn and drove head-on into a wall at about 110mph. I was very close to chosing a VW Lupo but I wanted it to appear a bit fair. Sunghee is also to be thanked as she was able to restrain me from buying a new turbo (16G Zilla, mmmmm).

Anywho, here’s some photos.