Lost S6E3 Thoughts

Just one quick one I haven’t seen covered elsewhere.

If Sayid has “the sickness”, who else have we seen in a similar situation? Seemingly dead, but CPR’d by Jack back to life?


And it was after that is when we saw the really Dark Charlie, relapsing, killing Ethan, having strange dreams, attempting to “baptize” Aaron, etc. Charlie was infected, but he was cured at some point and overcame the “darkness”. Was it from being close to the Swan hatch implosion, or maybe building the church with Eko? Either way, there’s hope for Sayid yet.

Some Random Lost Thoughts

Thanks to Sunghee I’ve really enjoyed Lost. We’ve caught up in the past year or so thanks to Netflix.

Here’s some theories, thoughts, observations for the upcoming final season.

  • John Locke is still Locke, not the smoke monster / man in black. But the Locke dead body is real, and he did die. How so? The bunnies in The Orchid station that were part of the time travel experiments actually duplicated. There were two Locke’s running around the desert. This also means there’s two Bens. This does not mean MiB cannot take over dead bodies.
  • Every vessel (plane, ship, raft) that has come to the island has had various roles filled. There’s always been a doctor, and musician that I’ve seen. There’s probably also been a prisioner and a guard, a pregnant woman, etc. Why?
  • Man in Black’s body was killed at some point, but his spirit cannot die. Same thing with Jacob.
  • Whatever happens happened is the main rule. Alternate timelines don’t seem to fit in canon at this point. Faraday was always going to be killed by his mother, Jack was never going to help little Ben, etc.
  • Faraday’s mother has his journal which has extensive information about what’s going to happen on the island for the next 30 years. This is shared with Charles Widmore, but not with Ben. Ben has some information, but he has too big of a role to play emotionally, so he has to be kept in the dark about most things.
  • Charles Widmore is Penny and Desmond’s “Charlie”, and therefor, his own grandpa.

Best of 2006 – Music

As always, these lists are compiled from my iTunes listening habits.

*Top 10 Songs Released in 2006*

1. _Dynamite_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
2. _Mange_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
3. _The Dredge_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
4. _Jaggernaut_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
5. _Digging Grave_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
6. _Funhouse Skull_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
7. _Fang_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
8. _Victory Over Horseshit_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
9. _Backwoods_ Scissorfight from “Jaggernaut”
10. _Sun Hunt_ Scissorfight from “Victory Over Horseshit”

Oh crap. Well Scissorfight’s “Jaggernaut” is the album of the year, hands down. It’s actually could be the album of the decade as far as I’m concerned. It’s that good. Perfect even.

Ok, so what else was good in 2006 that wasn’t Scissorfight?

Lady Sovereign “Public Warning”
John and June Carter Cash “Collections”
Girl Talk “Night Ripper”
Johnny Cash “American V”

But really, if you dig any form of guitar based rock GET THE SCISSORFIGHT ALBUM.

Korean Wine Bar

Scene: Seoul, Korea. Approx 9pm.

The night starts off with Sunghee and I meeting Friend #1 as we get out of the subway station. We wander around for a bit looking for the “nice” “American” restaurant. We’re going to the American restaurant because they want to make sure that I’m happy with the food. We finally find “Jaz Cafe” and head in. It’s nice and modern and we actually have a raised table with chairs. Very American. I review the menu and order a “Steak”. Friend #1 orders a “Philly Cheese Steak” (the reason for quotes will become apparent later). I also order a Diet Coke but the waiter does not understand me. Sunghee tries translation for me. “Diet-oo Cocoo”. The waiter still isn’t getting it. He goes and looks in the soda refrigerator and consults with the chef. He comes back and says he has no idea what we’re talking about. Friend #1 jumps to the rescue. “Cocoo Cola Lite-too”. Ahhh! That’s it!

The meal starts off with the traditional American Cream of… well nothing soup. Think of Cream of Broccoli or Cream of Potato soup with out the Broccoli or Potato. I devour the soup because I’m really, really hungry and I can’t wait for my “steak” (or as the menu calls it, “The best beef steak in the city!”). Finally our meal comes and my steak is about 4″ around and 3″ high. Wait a second, this isn’t steak, this is a meatloaf. Yes, apparently in Korea “steak” means meatloaf. It wasn’t even very good, very bland and they had no ketchup. Friend #1’s “Philly Cheese Steak” actually did have strips of beef in it, onions, a small amount of cheese-wiz and tons of MAYONNAISE. It was also served on grilled, triangle-shaped, panini bread. It was very gross.

We finished up dinner and headed off to meet up with Friend #2, aka Sunghee #2. I only remember her name because it’s the same as my wife’s. Anyways, we wander around for a while longer until Friend #2 makes her appearance by jumping out from behind a bus stop and tackling my wife and almost takes me down too. Friend #2 shows off her new tattoos, which are actually her eyebrows. This is apparently the new hot thing to do. First you electrolysis your eyebrows off, then you have new ones tattooed in. No plucking or penciling in for the rest of your life! She’s also had the “eye surgery” done, which along with her tan and round face make her look almost Spanish instead of Korean.

With Friend #2 in tow, we set off for more wandering. And wandering, and wandering. We’re looking for some bar and walk in circles for 30 minutes while I’m pointing out all the bars I see, hoping that one of them is good enough. Friend #1 gets on the phone three times for directions and we finally find it. I’m pretty sure we walked by this place twice before, but I didn’t know it was a bar so I didn’t point it out.

We walk in and inside there’s a wading-pool / river thing running through the floor. People have their shoes off and are sitting on the side of the pool with their feet in the water. But we’re heading up stairs to get a bed. Here’s a clip from a movie that was filmed at the same place:

Sunghee and her friends order a bottle of wine. I try a bit of the wine and don’t really like it so I review the drink menu. Hmm, lots of wine. I hadn’t yet learned of the magical powers of Soju at this point in my trip, and the only thing I can read on the menu is Margarita, so I get one of those.

We also get “food” which is a sliced tomato with sliced tofu covered in soy sauce. I don’t touch that either.

We also took lots of pictures. Here’s Friend #1, Friend #2 and Sunghee.

After I finish a couple Margaritas I realize that I’m going to have to pee very soon. I ask my wife to ask her friend where the restroom is and I get an answer of “out the door, around the corner”. Alright, I go out the door and around the corner, see what looks to be a bathroom, but wait, there’s the universal “woman bathroom” sign on the door, but no “man bathroom” sign. I stare at the door for about 10 seconds, trying to figure out what to do. Friend #1 probably doesn’t know where the men’s room is so there’s no sense in going back to ask. If I go in this one, what are the chances that it’s being used and the girl who’s in there freaking out? At this moment the waitress walks by and I get her attention and point to the ladies room door and then to me, then to the door while saying “Mens?!? Bath… room!?!??!”. She shakes her head “no no no” and does the “come here” sign with her hand and starts walking down the stairs. I follow her down the stairs, past the bar, and into the kitchen where she picks up a plate of cheese, turns around and starts walking towards me going “Out! Out! Out!” with a shooing motion. I back out of the kitchen and she walks past me back up the stairs. Hmmm. I ask the bartender “Bath… rooom?” He points around the corner, and Ah-ha! Mens room! There is a stall, which is being used and a wall with water running down it into a drain below the floor. I’m thinking the wall is a decoration and while I’m waiting for the stall to empty another guy walks in and pees on the water wall. Oh, ok. I’ll pee on the water wall too which was kind of cool.

I head back upstairs and Friend #3 has arrived and brought a cake for us. You can also see the tomato / tofu / soy sauce concoction here.



We finish up the cake and head off to the subway station. Along the way we pass by this “Art and Crafts” store, as my wife calls it. If this store was in America, the only people who would shop here would be 12 year old girls. The store was filled with pink pencils, fuzzy pens, heart shaped notebooks and “Happy Virus” stickers.


One Act Play from Korea #153

Strapping American and his Korean wife are walking inside the courtyard of the apartment complex they are staying at. They have heard that the subway station is “right outside” but are having issues locating it. They come upon a group of three Korean women.

American: We should ask them where the subway is.

Wife (in Korean): Excuse me, we’re looking for the subway. Which way is it?

The three Korean women think for a beat, then all at the same time

Korean Women (in Korean): Uhhhhh, right over there!

While each one is pointing in a different direction.

American: Ask them which on is closest.