Foxwoods New Room

I took the drive to Foxwoods to check out their new World Poker Room and after visiting the L.A. cardrooms it just doesn’t seem that big. Now I confess that I hadn’t seen the old room, in fact I haven’t been to Foxwoods in about ten years. I must say that the players are just as bad as the L.A. ones, maybe more so. Examples:

In a mix of 20/40 and 40/80 games (yes, I was running very well) I had pocket aces six times, flopped a set four of those, and lost everytime to runner-runner. 52o? Straight. 79s? Flush. Pocket duces? Runner-runner quads. Live play is so rigged.

2/5NL I had a player basically tell me his hand whenever I was in a pot with him. He was being super aggressive and picking up dead money everywhere which is fine, but he couldn’t slow down when I was in a pot and I’m basically saying “I have the nuts”.

1. I have AKs in MP. EP raises to 20, I flat call. Aggro player is in the BB and also calls. Flop comes all my suit with no straight possible. Aggro player checks, EP raiser bets half pot, I call, Aggro player raises the pot, EP folds. I check my hand to make sure that I’m indeed holding the nuts and figure I’ll let him hang himself and just call. He says “You have a spade, huh?” I put him on two pair or a set and say “Maybe I have two.” The turn brings a red 9 and Aggro player over bets the pot, I push for about the size of the current pot and he insta-calls and flips up bottom two pair, I don’t flip. The river brings a fourth spade and he flips out and mucks his hand. Remember, I have not shown my hand yet but I have won the pot. I offer to let him see one for a dollar but he says he already knows that I got him on the river.

2. Same player, later on in the night. I’m in EP and limp with 88 a few other players limp as does Aggro player on the button. Flop comes AA8. I lead out with a 2/3 pot bet hoping to raised back by someone with an Ace. A couple of callers including the Aggro player. Turn brings my lovely case 8 and I overbet the pot to look like a steal. Aggro player seems to be my target again as he goes into the tank and finally says “How’s your kicker.” Kicker? What a donkey. So he does have an Ace, good. “I don’t have a kicker.” I say. “You don’t have a kicker? Really?”, “Yeah, I have a pocket pair.” “You really don’t have a kicker? Thanks for letting me know man!” he says and pushes about $1600 into a $200 pot. I call of course and his A5o is no good.