Hamster Cage #1 (GCK477)

I almost thought this would be a DNF. I had forgotten my printout of the log page, but had the coords in my PDA. I parked at the picnic area as I had remembered that. My GPS was pointing me to the other side of the road though. I didn’t see a way to get to the spot directly so I ended up walking down a dirt road a dozen or so yards up the road. I came across a large field and it looked like the cache was in the middle of it. As I was walking along the field (which turned into a swamp in some areas) I found paths in the tall grass where someone (or something) had been before. I chalked this up to other geocachers and was more convinced I was on the right path. Well, the field ended up against a wall of bushes and I was still 80′ away. I did a quick scout of the area in case the cache might be on this side of the wall, but didn’t find anything, so through the wall I went. On the other side was a full-blown swamp with fallen trees everywhere. You can get across most of the swamp by these trees so I equated this with the “Hamster Cage” name. After about 20 minutes of searching I found nothing. Re-checked the coords. and they were right on. I was on top of it. When I was about to give up I switched my GPS over to UTM and saw that those coords. didn’t match up with my GPS. In fact, the UTM coords. said the cache was right by my car, where I started. Back through the bush wall and across the field and down the dirt road back to the picnic area I went. And sure enough the cache was right by my car. I took a matchbox car and left a KFC game piece.