Poker Tournament at the Moose Lodge in Rutland, VT.

Ok, you know all the stuff I said about online poker being rigged? Well I take it all back. I saw the same shit happen in real games today. I lasted 2 1/2 hours. I don’t know what place I finished, but about half the field was gone. During the first hour I was playing really good. I had built up to about 4,000 chips (from 2,000) and had not had a showdown at all. Then the beer started kicking in. Not me, I was drinking tea. I’m talking about the other people at the table, including one guy very drunk guy who didn’t know the game *at all* and said to me during the first break “It doesn’t matter what cards you have because you have no idea what the flip will be!” I just agreed with him as I thought I wanted him playing any two cards. Well, the first hand back from the break I was in BB and got AKs. I like that. There were a couple of early limpers and the SB, Mr. “Any two cards”. I raise to 4xBB, and the early limpers fold. Mr. “Any Two” calls. The flop comes A-K-7 rainbow. Yes! SB checks, I bet out strong, SB calls. hmmm. Turn brings a 9. SB bets the minimum, leaving him about 200. I raise him that. He turns over 96o. “I’ve got a pair” he says. River comes another 9. Ugh. A few hands later I get QQ in mid-late position. UTG had already raised 2xBB, so I re-raise. Everyone folds and he calls. Flop comes rags. I bet out. He calls. Turn comes a rag. No flush or straights on the board I bet enough to put him all-in. He calls and turns over high card Ace. And the other A comes on the river. I then go completly cold and get blinded away until my last 300 are in the BB. I don’t even bother looking at my cards until the Mr. “Any Two” in the SB calls me. I have AQs. Alright. He has 34o. Alright. Flop comes 334. Alright. Fitting end to my day.