Fun Facts About Eating in Korea

If you go to a “fancy” “American” resturant, and you see “Steak” on the menu, it’s not what you thinking it is. Normally you think a nice slab of beef, right? And it sounds really good because you have lots of choices as to what you want on top of it: bacon, different kinds of cheeses, mushrooms, kimchee, etc. What you’ll actually get is meatloaf. And pretty bland meatloaf at that too. The same goes for cheesecake, they don’t put any sugar in it.

If you actually want a real steak you must go to a “real” American resturant. Namely TGI Fridays or Bennigans. You’ll have your choice too because they are right next door to each other.

TGI Friday's next door to Bennigans

But really, let’s be honest here, aren’t they the *same thing*? No, and I’ll tell you why.

TGI Fridays:

* Valet Parking (I’m not kidding)
* No booze in the cocktails. They say they are putting the stuff in, but it’s not in there. They also refused to add more (assuming there was any in there to start) because it would “ruin the recipe”.


* BOOZE IN THE DRINKS! Whoot! Quite a bit, actually. Good for them.
* In America you can get a Monte Cristo, which is a ham, turkey and cheese club sandwich that is deep fried and sprinked with powdered sugar. Sounds good, right? In the Korean Bennigans you can get *any sandwich on the menu* “cooked” like that. It’s an option like SuperSizing or Curly Fries.