10 The Hawd Way

I hit the new Higher Ground in Burlington this past Saturday for “10 The Hawd Way”, a ten band showcase headlined by Five Seconds Expired and Scissorfight. The doors opened at 4:30 and I arrived at around 7. The five or six bands that played before the two already mentioned were alright, but didn’t really grab me. Five Seconds Expired sounded great, but their songs seemed pretty tame compared to the other stuff that was on before them, sadly. Scissorfight totally rocked, as always. Ironlung let us know that “I’ve had a lot of time today to get all fucked up, and guess what I did with it?” then he took a shot of Jagermeister and puked on stage. Rock! They played a few songs from Jaggernaut including “Victory Over Horseshit”, “The Dredge” (yeah!), “Backwoods”, and “Fang” (rock!). Lots of people yelling for “Dynamite”. A roadie who looked like Ironlung’s brother played drums during “Drink, Fight, Fuck”. They played a two song encore and the bass player fell off his speaker stack.