The Drama of Weddings

Sunghee’s brother in Korea is almost 30, her father is almost 60. These are important numbers if the son is not married yet. There has been a huge push this year for him to get married and it’s been a pretty wild ride.

His profession is as a twe kwon do teacher. In the same building is a young woman who teaches piano. They have a student exchange program that works out well as the parents of the childern in the classes can get two classes in one place. They get engaged and start to rush a wedding for September, before Sunghee’s brother turns 30. This catches Sunghee totally by surprise as the original plan was to have the wedding in May 2006 so Sunghee could actually go.

Wrinkle 1: Sunghee’s brother has to move the twe kwon do school to a larger building due to the larger class sizes. Another twe kwon do school moves into the old space and the new twe kwon do teacher tells the young girl that he knows Sunghee’s brother, and that the pictures of Sunghee and CJ in his wallet are aren’t really his sister and nephew but of his wife and son.

Wedding is called off, bride and groom hate each other.

All is quiet for a couple of months until last night when Sunghee’s mother calls and says the wedding is back on for early September. And the girl’s family did feel bad about Sunghee not being able to make it, but now their son, the bride’s brother, is in Japan and cannot come back in time so it’s even because no siblings are coming. I don’t quite understand this logic, neither does Sunghee, but she thinks it’s because she’s been here too long. 🙂