Oh boy, lots of stuff going on.

I went on vacation last week on my annual trip to AC. I took about $250 to play around with and the idea that I would put everything else on credit card. Well I ended up putting nothing on the card, and payed for everything (2 nights in the Tropicana hotel, food, a pretty big shopping spree, etc.) with cash and still brought home about $600. I’m considering trying to become a professional poker player now 🙂 I also ended up with a nice sunburn even though it was so hazy I couldn’t see 100 yards away.

My uncle Johnny Dente died on Monday. He was 81. I bet there’s one hell of a pitch game going on now with him, my dad and my uncle Walt. He even asked my aunt Ruthie to marry him again on his death bed. Stuff like that just kills me.

TSW returned to the Armory on my birthday Saturday. This is the first time I actually got to work in those hallowed halls (not counting the 10 seconds I was in a battle royal at the last show there in 2001). I had Hale Collins vs G.G. Von Bathory, Cheech vs. Swinger Sidusky vs. Jav Calero for the Zero Gravity title, and Punk vs. Hoss in a Old School Hardcore match for the Heavyweight title. Hoss “broke” his wrist during the match, but kept going. Then he was supposted to take a back body drop out of the ring through two tables, but came up about 2 feet short and just bumped on the ground.

Sunghee got me a new air conditioner for my birthday, but the included hardware to mount it didn’t fit. None of the screws actually fit in the holes. I had the freakin’ electic drill on that and I couldn’t get any of them in. So we returned it. We were going to get a replacement, but about half of them had already been opened and then taped shut so I guess some other people were having the same problems I was. We ended up just getting a refund and got one from a different store.