Quechee Train and Toy Museum

The miniture train in Quechee started running for the season on Saturday, and CJ loves trains, so we were there. I also found that they had a pretty neat toy and doll museum, and I was all over that.

CJ and Sunghee on the Merry Go ‘Round

Robin consoles the stoned monkey.

I used to have one of these guys. It’s apparently from the ’50s, just after WWII. I guess it was my brother’s or sister’s toy and it stayed around for me. It was strange seeing a copy of a toy I used to have in a museum. But it’s not as strange as…

Holy Crap! That’s where my Etch-a-Sketch went to. The kid next door kept taking my stuff and saying it was his. So my mom would write my name on all my stuff. That didn’t stop him, as he went off to private school a little later and kept my stuff there. Then, somewhere in the next 20 years, the thing was sold at one or more yard sales / flea markets until the curator of the museum found it and made it an attraction. I told this story to the woman running the museum, and she wanted to give it back to me. I declined as if I really want a Etch-a-Sketch I’ll go buy a new one.

At the end of the museum is a couple model railroads set up. One was very very detailed with mountains and what not. After closer inspection I found some disturbing scenes:

Poor cow, she seems to have slipped down under the train tracks.

It’s the General Lee going to get Uncle Jesse out of jail!

Will noone help this poor woman up?

Or this man? Is this from The Sopranos?

Can anyone make out the license plate? Or maybe they’re stopping to help?

This reminds me of Fargo.