Kent Pond Beaver Cut (GCH0NA)

My first geocache found! CJ and Sunghee came along, but the trail looked a little too rough for CJ so they stayed behind and played by the Kent Pond and watched the people fishing. Soon after I started off on the path I realized that I had to cross a river. I kept looking for rocks or something to walk on so I could get across. When I was just starting to get worried that I would have to get wet I found a bridge. Yay! Once on the other side of the river it was pretty easy to find the location of the cache. My GPS got me within 10 feet or so of it. It took some digging to locate it as it had been covered by several inches of leaves. I recorded my find, took a dinosaur and left a marionette. This looks like it’s going to be a fun hobby. Sunghee and I decided to try finding some after work during the week instead of bringing CJ along due to the amount of walking that is needed.

!/images/32.jpg (A tree a beaver cut)!

!/images/31.jpg (Cache)!

!/images/34.jpg (I left this marionette)!

!/images/33.jpg (CJ and Sunghee from the cache)!
View from the cache.

!/images/36.jpg (My 4.24.04 route)!
My route to the cache.