Trip to the Korean food store

Today Sunghee, Yung-Sun, CJ and I took the monthly trip to Albany for Korean food. This time we went to the Exit 2 store instead of the Exit 6 one as Sunghee had some videos to return, and they were about 6 months late. Anyways, I like this store much better. Lots and lots of fun stuff.

!/images/16.jpg (Pocky)!

First up we have our old friend Pocky. This is basically pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate. Yummy.

!/images/17.jpg (Mousse Pocky)!

Chocolate Mousse Pocky. Same thing, but with chocolate mousse. I haven’t had this yet, but it looks good.

!/images/18.jpg (Men’s Pocky)!

Men’s Pocky. Not too sure about this. At first I thought that “Men’s” was maybe the brand name, but on further inspection all three of these are made by Glico. Now I’m thinking that this is a Man’s Pocky. Rough, rugged and manly. Although eating a manly candy scares me a little.

!/images/19.jpg (Lychee)!

I have never heard of Lychee before. It looks both good and cool, with it’s spiny red skin and pear-like soft inside. After some research this fruit originated in China, but is grown in the tropical areas of the US as well (Hawaii, Florida, California). I think I’m going to have some for dinner tomorrow.

!/images/20.jpg (Crunch Up)!

Crunch Up! These just look fun. There’s three chocolate and two strawberry. The bag proclaims “Cereal & Choco Ensemble”. I had one of the strawberry and it sort of tasted like a Nestle Crunch gone horribly wrong. I’m going to wait a bit before trying the chocolate.

!/images/21.jpg (Gummy)!

Gummy. Pictured is Apple, Muscat (white grape?), Grape, Pineapple. There was an Orange but I opened that already and had one. It was good, but I think Yung-Sun took the rest of the bag.

!/images/22.jpg (Banana Chips)!

Banana Chips. I’ve made these before with my Ronco Food Dehydrator. These are better though. And there’s a lot! About a pound of the stuff is in that bag. None of that “Sold by weight, not volume. Contents may settle during shipment” crap here.

!/images/23.jpg (Green tea ice cream mix)!

Green tea ice cream mix. I really like green tea ice cream, but have a hard time finding it. Now I can make my own!