Monthly Newsletter – Month 5

You are 5 months old and you are telling us now all about the dreams you had at night, what Hadabagee and you did during the day, how much the new teeth coming in hurt and how itchy your face is. We think that that’s what you’re telling us about anyways. You talk all the time, but in baby talk. We’ve consulted with an interpreter, your 2 year old cousin Katelynn, but she says that she is not familiar with your particular dialect of baby talk.

We picked up a walker chair for you and it took you about a week before you figured out you could move around in it, but only backwards. Boy, were you upset! You’d see something you’d like to get closer too, move your legs as hard as you could, but end up going backwards, further from the object of your attention.

You’ve also discovered that throwing thing when you’re angry feels good, which is why we don’t keep your chewy toys on the tray of your walker chair anymore.