Monthly Newsletter – Month 3

Isaac, you are three months old today! You’re mothers genes are starting to take hold as your eyes are starting to turn brown and your hair is getting darker. You’re also starting to talk, well baby talk, but very loudly and without much rest just like your brother.

Yesterday you tried crawling, and while you do have the basic movements down, you haven’t picked your body up off the floor yet, so you’re just sort of swimming. You have no trouble putting weight on your legs though and you’ll stand up if you’re leaned up against something.

Other good news is that your mother became a US citizen. You were there, remember? You were good the whole day in your Baby Bjorn, then just as the ceremony started you started crying, loudly. Your Hadabagee was able to get you calmed down and asleep in under a minute .

Here’s your mother meeting Jim Douglas (you missed this part).