Swimming Hole Review – McLaughlin Falls

This is located in the Green Mountain National Forest between Mendon and Rutland. It’s pretty well secluded, on a one lane dirt road about five miles from any pavement either by Notch Road or Rt. 4. We stopped by one afternoon after work and due to the late time of day, the massive amounts of tree cover and the fact that it’s fed by a river, the water was freezing cold. The dog didn’t seem to mind too much though. The water get gradually deeper from the stone beach until it’s about 6-7 feet directly under a beautiful waterfall. You can tell that this a treasured, “safe” spot for a some people (vist, and you’ll get the joke). Getting down to the water is a bit of an adventure in and of itself. There is ample, off road parking available and room for fires and tents.