Quickie Catchup

So much stuff going on, but not much time to energy to write about it. Here’s a quick recap:

Went to Paris. Getting to the hotel the first night was a Planes, Trains and Automobiles type madcap adventure. The first hotel we stayed at had the world smallest bathroom. Tried to play poker at the Aviation Club but was denied access because of my shoes. Walked up and down Champs-Elysses looking for a pair of moderatly prices shoes at 10pm on a Thursday night. Walked about 5 miles inside the Lourve. Was robbed for my iPod headphones on the metro when I had about 1100 Euro in my pocket. Ate dinner mostly at Korean BBQ resturants in Paris. “Nullo Max” is French for “Nut Low”. There’s a dealer at the Aviation Club that looks exactly like Mila Kunis, except, you know, French. European players will call all their money away on Ten high flush draws.

Then we came home to move. The seller wasn’t ready for the closing but we managed a last minute deal to move into the house while we wait for closing. We have a lot of stuff apparently. Four hours of a moving company, three trips with a 15′ truck and about 10 trips with my Subie and my mom’s Jeep and there’s still stuff to move.