Well I’m on the WiFi network at Albany Intl. The trip got off to a wonderful start last night when I was waiting to put gas in my car and someone didn’t set their parking brake and their car rolled into mine. I figure good thing I stopped it after two feet or so instead of it rolling and hitting the gas pumps. I only had a small scrape on my door, but I have the contact information for the person that did it. I ended up driving to Albany last night and staying at the Quality Inn right across the street from the Korean Food Store. Yay! They were closed by the time I got there though, so no funky junk food for me. We put in a 4:30 wake up call and a request for a taxi at 5:15. The taxi arrived at 4:45 and the guy was pissed. “Jesus Christ, I’ve been here for half an hour and how am I going to fit six people and all this luggage into here?!?!” Not my problem dude. Then he tried to scam us for $18. The hotel room included the taxi fare so we told him to hike back to the hotel if he wants his $18. That’s about it so far. I should be able to jump on wireless networks for the rest of my trip, hopefully.