Another trip to the Korean Food store

These trips are the only times I buy junk food, and it’s from the other side of the world, so I figure it’s ok. And if you’re wondering we normally goto Kim’s Oriental which is on Rt. 5 in Albany, exit 2W off I87.

Milkis, orange flavor.

Rice Punch. I should also note that lots of Korean drinks have crap floating in them. Sunghee will not buy orange juice with pulp in it, but will down these pear “drinks” that you don’t so much drink as chew.

Grass Jelly. Now with banana flavor.

Yogloo, drinkable yogurt, now with Melon flavor. Honeydew melon is a very popular flavor for just about anything. Sort of like strawberry is here. Melon ice cream is very abundant.

Koala’s March. These are very good cookie things. There’s a vanilla cookie shell and the inside is a lot of fudge. I think Koala March would be a good name for a emo band.

Do you like the cracker and the chocolate of Pocky, but don’t really go for Pocky that much because it just seems wrong that the chocolate is on the outside? Well this is for you, Reverse Pocky! Now with the chocolate on the *inside*!