The first part of Sunghee’s final hearing was yesterday. It was only supposed to be one day, but the other side took their sweet time lying and getting trapped in their own testimony. Here’s some of the highlights:

The other side presents a photo book showing how good of a father Chucky is, how he takes CJ out on trips and stuff. One small problem is that CJ isn’t smiling in *any* of the pictures. Another problem is that CJ therapist had testified that CJ must wear his braces at all times during the day, except when bathing or sleeping at night. Oh, he’s not wearing his braces in any of these pictures. Bad dad. There’s also pictures of them on a motor boat with nobody, including CJ, wearing life preservers.

Sunghee should not be allowed to have CJ on holidays because she’s from “another country” and doesn’t understand “American” holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Sunghee is Catholic. She is well aware of Christian holidays and Korean Thanksgiving is the same as American Thanksgiving.

Some mystery women, Mindy, who’s been Chucky’s “best friend for 14 years” testified about how bad a mother Sunghee is. Sunghee has never seen this woman before. Mindy also testified that she’s gone with Chucky a few times to pick up CJ and saw Sunghee assault him. Now, I’ve actually been in attendance every time CJ was dropped off and I’ve never seen anyone with Chucky except for his Mother and step-father. Chucky doesn’t even show up half the time. She also testified that she knew who I was because she saw me sitting outside the court room earlier. I was at work all day, I didn’t get called into court.

Audri Cox, who was CJ’s baby sitter for six months testified for the other side claiming that Sunghee never showed her how to take of CJ’s braces and that Chucky had called and told her that CJ must have his braces taken off when he naps. Wait, didn’t CJ’s therapist already say that the braces must be kept on during the day? Bad dad. She also testified that she stopped allowing CJ to come because Sunghee threatened her. The truth is that Sunghee fired Audri because CJ would get in fights with Audri’s nephew, who was also in day care, and Audri had too many kids so she couldn’t keep an eye on all of them. A month later Audri asked Sunghee to make her Christmas cards and gave her a picture of her and her family in front of their new pickup truck. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t ask somebody that had threatened me a month before to make me Christmas cards.