Sunghee left at 4:30 this morning to get on a plane at 9:40 in Albany to fly to Chicago, then from Chicago to Tokyo then to Seoul. At 7:15am she called and had apparently forgotten her green card. I called work, said I’d be a little late, threw my clothes on and left at 7:30. 1 hour and 15 minutes later (100 miles, you do the math), I arrived at the Albany airport to find that the itinerary that Sunghee had printed out the night before is completely wrong. She should be getting on a 8:50 flight, which had already left the gate. Frantic phone calls to the travel agency amounted to nothing as the computers didn’t come on until 10am or something. Anyways, she was not able to get on to the 9:40am flight. They did have a flight tomorrow, but the Chicago to Tokyo part was full. She could fly on Sunday from Albany to San Francisco then to Seoul, but, you know, she really wants to leave today. At 10am I escorted Sunghee to the shuttle bus so she could go back to her can and get on the phone to the travel agency to figure out what the hell was going on and I drove back to work. Fun fun day.

Update: Travel agency is still sticking by their guns that the 9:40 flight was hers and there’s nothing they can do. She’s back in Rutland for the next two days and is flying out Sunday at 6am.