For Christmas my mom got us a fish tank which we’ve populated with a dozen or so Neons, 6 Fancy Guppies and 4 striped fishes. So far we’ve lost 5 guppies and 2 neons. By “lost”, I mean they’ve died. We’ve actually only “lost” one guppy. I noticed that he wasn’t swimming around with the (at the time) two other remaining guppies. I peered into the tank and couldn’t see him anywhere. Since this tank is fairly large (30 gallons) fish don’t float to the top when they die. They stay on the bottom, belly up. Sunghee thought the first on was “just sleeping” when it died. Well, yesterday morning the bugger showed up, dead. I had just fed the fish, so I wasn’t interested in sticking my hand into the tank and getting it coated with fish food, so I put off fishing him out of there until after work. By the time I got back home from work and retrived the net, the fish had disappeared again.