A Quick Wrestling Road Story…

Back in 2000/2001, myself, Jim Tanner and a couple of other people took a road trip to Toccoa, GA and NWA Wildside. The trip down was pretty straight forward. We had a conversion van from somewhere that had seats in the back that folded down to a bed, and, more importantly to this story, a TV/VCR combo.

I’m sure we brought a few tapes with us, but the only one I remember watching (and re-watching, and re-watching) is the original RF Video Jim Cornette shoot interview. I’d say that this is still by far the best shoot interview. Aside from the great stories from JCP, Cornette is just being himself and ripping on everyone, especially Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara.  We were quoting the juicy parts of Cornette’s rants to each other the whole way down through various Waffle Houses.

I’m unable to locate the actual shoot video online, but here’s a retelling of the Ed Ferrara parts. WARNING: Strong Language.


Finally we get to the NWA Wildside arena, and are in the back meeting with everyone. I see some chubby fellow with dreadlocks and as is custom, I go up and introduce myself. He says “Oh, hello. I’m Ed Ferrara.” I’m totally speechless. The only things I can think to say to this person I just met are Jim Cornette’s words, or wondering if I should punch him in the face for Cornette. Of course, that would be very, very BAD. I stand there shaking his hand, with my mouth half open for what seems like ten years until Jim Tanner comes up.

“Hi, I’m Jim.”

“Oh, nice to meet you Jim, I’m Ed Ferrera.”

“Uhhhhhhh…. ha-ha-ha-Hi Ed.”

I see that Jim isn’t going punch Ed either and that breaks my paralysis and I’m finally able to say “Nice to meet you Ed.”

Lost S6E5 & E6 Thoughts

Missed a week.

Not much to think about with E5 that I can’t cover in E6 anyways.

Kate wasn’t going back to the temple the last time we saw her, with Hurley and Jack, but she ends up walking in anyways. There’s a missing part there. She’s run into someone who sent her to the temple, and not exactly to find Claire either. The top choices are either Locke, Jin or creepy jungle boy. She seems to have some knowledge of what’s going on in the end, not happy about it, but she has a new mission now.

Where the hell are Sawyer and Richard?

Are we supposed to believe that Dogen + Ash = Monster repellant? Or can Dogen fight and kill Smokey by himself, and Sayid make a hole in the ash allowing Smokey in?

Why are we avoiding the thing inside Locke’s name? “My Friend”, etc. Is it a name we already know? So strange.

Let’s jump all the way back to Season 2 when the others have Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, etc on the docks. Jack asks who they are and Ben replies “We’re the good guys.” Looking back, it’s probably true. As in they’re following Jacob and MiB is influencing the Losties making them the bad guys. If Claire is infected, then Rousseau probably was too. If you look at all of her actions, she was working towards the same end as Clarie. Blowing up the others as they came to the beach was her idea remember.

Lost S6E3 Thoughts

Just one quick one I haven’t seen covered elsewhere.

If Sayid has “the sickness”, who else have we seen in a similar situation? Seemingly dead, but CPR’d by Jack back to life?


And it was after that is when we saw the really Dark Charlie, relapsing, killing Ethan, having strange dreams, attempting to “baptize” Aaron, etc. Charlie was infected, but he was cured at some point and overcame the “darkness”. Was it from being close to the Swan hatch implosion, or maybe building the church with Eko? Either way, there’s hope for Sayid yet.