The King and His Court

After hurricane Irene came through and flooded our basement, we had a lot of stuff to sort through. One of the things I found was an autographed program and game ball from when¬†The King and His Court¬†played the Poultney softball All-star team. I had fond memories of the game. My father pitched for Poultney and I remember Poultney leading 2-0 through the first three innings or so. Then the “Court” started hitting balls out of the park, deep into the woods. I had watched many many men’s softball games at that field and never saw anyone hit over the fence, let alone into the woods.

After I found the program, I was wondering what ever happened to that team? I found their site, linked above, and they played their last game the Friday before I rediscovered them. Funny timing.

Remove Injected PHP code from hackers

Here’s a quick little php script to batch process all your .php files and remove base64_decode junk if your site has been hacked. Just save this as a php file, upload it to your website and visit that page in your web browser.

$tmpdir = "./";
$rmcmd = `find $tmpdir -name "*.php" -type f | xargs sed -i 's#<?php /\*\*/ eval(base64_decode(".*?>##g' 2>&1`;
echo "Finished";