Lost S6E4 Thoughts

Who is the “him” that the little kid in the jungle mean when he said “You can’t kill him” to Smokey? The list seems to be very short. Two immediate options and two that are a little out there.

  • Sawyer? Maybe, because he’s a candidate?
  • Richard? Because he’s still protected by Jacob somehow?
  • Jacob? Meaning, he may have been stabbed and burned, but he cannot be killed. Like the Terminator, he’ll be back?
  • Locke? Could Locke take back over this reincarnation? Locke cannot be killed?

Let’s talk about the “rules” and what we know so far.

  • MiB cannot kill Jacob.
  • Ben and Widmore cannot kill each other.
  • Widmore cannot kill Alex. (Why?)
  • Keamy can and did kill Alex. Or did Ben kill her?

How about some other “incidents”? Can candidates not kill each other?

  • Ben tried to kill Locke on the island, but couldn’t. He did kill him off the island though. Was Locke no longer a candidate when he turned the donkey wheel? Ben had a very well thought out plan in regards to having Locke die.
  • Jack’s gun didn’t fire when he tried to shoot Locke. This is similar to when Michael was off island and Mr. Friendly asked him if the gun jammed or the bullet bounced off his head.
  • The temple others cannot give Sayid the poison, but Jack can. Jack can kill Sayid? Or is that a “test” to see if this Sayid is still a candidate?

And what’s the deal with Richard not being able to see the child? Sawyer can see him apparently because he’s a candidate. Richard must not be a candidate for multiple reasons. Let’s go back to S6E1-2 for a second. Jacob appears to Hurley, who can see dead people. Actually, lets go back even further.

  • Hurley sees a dead Charlie a few times
  • Other crazy person at Santa Rosa sees dead Charlie
  • Hurley sees a dead Ana Lucia
  • Jack sees his father on the Island, which we now assume is Smokey
  • Jack sees his father OFF Island. Is that still Smokey? Is Jack tripping? Is Smokey able to travel off island? Were the other dead people Hurley saw Smokey?

Let’s assume that so far Sawyer, Hurley and Jack can see dead people, or visions of people others can’t. They’re all candidates. Is this inclusive? Why did Jacob tell Hurley that Jin could not see him (Jacob)? Is it because Jin isn’t a candidate and Sun is the Kwon on cave wall?

Crazy theory: could all of the off island stuff actually be “the end” or an epilogue to the story? Could all of the 2007 on island stuff resolve some how and everyone is shot back to 9/22/2004 on the plane to live their lives out?

Crazy theory #2: Miles wears black a lot and can read the thoughts of dead people. Smokey is the black “player” and reads the thoughts of dead people. Coincidence?