The King and His Court

After hurricane Irene came through and flooded our basement, we had a lot of stuff to sort through. One of the things I found was an autographed program and game ball from when¬†The King and His Court¬†played the Poultney softball All-star team. I had fond memories of the game. My father pitched for Poultney and I remember Poultney leading 2-0 through the first three innings or so. Then the “Court” started hitting balls out of the park, deep into the woods. I had watched many many men’s softball games at that field and never saw anyone hit over the fence, let alone into the woods.

After I found the program, I was wondering what ever happened to that team? I found their site, linked above, and they played their last game the Friday before I rediscovered them. Funny timing.

Lost S6E1-2

So one of my theories about Lost was completely off, but the others seem to still be on track. Here’s a few more things I was thinking about after watching the season premier.

Locke was told that he had to die to get everyone back to the island. Was Christian told this at some point as well?

Also, Christian’s body is missing in both timelines. Locke’s body isn’t. Why?

Locke’s words to Jack at the end of the episode about Christian’s body can apply to Jacob’s body as well.

So it’s established the monster cannot pass through the white ash. It’s not because it’s Jacob’s ash, but Jacob’s body burned up pretty quickly. Could that ash be the remains of past Jacob’s? There sure seems to be a lot of it.

Is the spring, when clear, similar to the ash? In that it keeps the monster away? Is the spring connected to the water in Ben’s secret room in the Dharmaville basement? When Ben emptied it, was he not so much summoning it as turning off the barrier?